Pandally AG is dedicated on bringing Virtual Reality environments to life by using the most advanced technology available on the market. You can move freely, interact with real and virtual humans, feel the heat of fire, and a breeze on the countryside.

TVRS partnership v2

This is achieved by a deep technology partnership with True-VR-Systems based in Dietlikon Zürich. More Information about True-VR-Systems on their website.

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Our Team

Crazy and always going the extra mile for your needs!Team 2

Our Founders

Ronny Tobler, CEO and Co-Founder, LinkedIn
Natasa Vuruna, Member of the Board and Co-Founder, LinkedIn
Pascal O. Stocker, Member of the Board and Co-Founder, LinkedIn
Alex Tobler, Member of the Board and Co-Founder, LinkedIn

Ronny Tobler HD

“Our goal is to help your business succeed with VR and AR solutions.” Ronny Tobler, Founder & CEO

Ronny is founder and CEO of Pandally AG. He has a technology background founding his first IT company at age 16 in Basel Switzerland. From there his journey led him through sales and sales leadership positions at Microsoft before moving to VR startup Kenzan Studios as CEO. With Pandally he combines all his passions in technology, gaming, videography and social media to help businesses succeed. Ronny regularly shares his passion in his Vlogs on YouTube.

Ronny holds a Bachelor of Science in General Management and Corporate Communication from HWZ in Zürich. Would you like to get in touch? As a social media enthusiast its hard to miss him on most networks. Connect via LinkedIn, XING, Twitter, InstagramFacebook and subscribe to YouTube.