Fusion Arena has an adaptable logo that plays with dimensions and have unlimited construction possibilities. The logo itself is still clearly recognizable as a Fusion Arena logo. Updott developed a logo generator that is in use internally at Pandally. For public use you can download a predefined set of logos below.

Minimum Size

The minimum size of the logo must be respected in order to preserve its readability. It is set at 19 px for online materials and 7 mm for printed surfaces, considering the logo height .

 X = 19px oder 7mm

Preserve Zones

A minimum space must be maintained between the logo and other elements. The protection area is also measured based on the height of the logo, according to the description on the side.

Incorrect Usage

This brand must not be too limited in its creation. But, there are some practices that need to be avoided. Here are some examples:


Fusion Arena has two different typographies in its visual identity: Silva and Poppins. Also, when you need to use system fonts, we provide Arial as an alternative. Access the section to understand how the fonts are used.

Logo Download

Download a predefined set of logos. The files are available as AI, EPS and PNG format.

Fusion Arena Logo Download