Fusion Arena is our entertainment brand. In March 2018 we opened the first free roaming 10 player VR arcade wordwide in Zürich. In April 2019 the second Fusion Arena opened in Bern and October 2020 the third Fusion Arena in Kreuzlingen. Fusion Arena is based on TrueVRSystems full body Virtual Reality package. Like us, they are also Swiss based, in Dietlikon Zürich.

Book Tickets: fusionarena.ch

Bern bern.fusionarena.ch
Kreuzlingen kreuzlingen.fusionarena.ch
Zürich zuerich.fusionarena.ch

Our Games

Fusion Arena runs both signature games developed solely for Fusion Arena and TrueVRSystems games, that you can also play in other facilites around the world.


  • TrueVRSystems 
  • 10 Players
  • Full-Body Tracking
  • 4D Effects
  • Free Roaming on 250 sqm

About the Fusion Arena Brand

The goal was to develop a brand outside of the VR arcade segment which is mainly dark, black and neon colors. With updott we found the perfect partner for the job. What they came up with is just genius: A brand that takes into account three dimensions and made it parametric, according to updott the first parametric brand in Switzerland.

All details can be found on updott’s fusion arena website.