Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Pandally AG is focused on bringing the most advanced technology and content together to create amazing experiences. Resulting in business growth, less costs and higher customer satisfaction. Pandally is active in content creation, aggregation and distribution.

The following is an excerpt of Services we can provide to you:

  • Virtual Reality Promotion
    • VR Promotion in Shopping Malls
    • VR Promotions at Airports and Train Stations
    • Product Presentation in Virtual Reality
    • Large scale Virtual Reality space to present your product live
  • Edutainment – Education & Entertainment
  • Training
    • Both Virtual and Augmented Reality offer vast possibilities of training personell be it engineers, police, military or a supporter that needs a helping hand.
  • Exploration
    • Travel to places far away and to locations that can no longer be visited.
  • Patient Relaxation
    • Patient and customer relaxation solutions for Dentists, Medical Doctors, Spa and Beauty Salons.
  • Virtual Reality Showroom
    • Pandally offers the largest free roaming Virtual Reality Showroom worldwide.

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