You would like to attract new customers or impress your existing ones? Virtual Reality has the highest emotional engagement rate of any promotion and marketing communication medium. High quality experiences trick your brain into believing to actually be there. No matter if you would like to attract more customers to your shopping mall or emotionally bind customers to your brand, Pandally is ready to support you on your journey.

Usage Scenarios for Virtual Reality Promotion:

  • Shopping Malls: Increase footfall to the mall, keep the customers engaged
  • Airports and Train Stations: Engage waiting customers in a fun game or take them on a journey far away from the train station.
  • Events: Add a Virtual Reality experience to your existing event and create a special memory for each participant. You can even let your guests take a memory home.
  • You would like to offer your guests a relaxing massage at the beach? We offer a combined solution of VR headsets with massage chairs.
  • Boost your corporate image with your Virtual Reality experience. Engage with our storytelling experts on what message you would like to convey and we build a VR experience around it.

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