Pandally will open the largest free roaming virtual reality space in Europe: Pandally Fusion Virtual Reality will first come to Zurich, Switzerland, in February 2018.

This space enables showroom and training scenarios like never before. Over 200 sqm of Virtual Reality space to visualize your business needs. Walk through buildings and apartments in real size, enjoy the view of a house yet to be built. Experience a yacht and make changes to its design before it is built.

Pandally Fusion VR example use cases:

  • Real Estate Viewing
  • Real Estate Builder Decision Meetings
  • Real Estate Agent Managed Service for Viewing
  • Yacht Viewing
  • Yacht Builder Meetings
  • Machine Employee Training
  • Your Case? Contact us.
Excited businesswoman wearing headset exploring vr standing near
Explore your apartments before it is built and choose from different floor layouts.

Use Pandally Fusion VR as your event location and deliver stunning presentations to customers, partners and the press.

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